FASB will open a new call for submission of socio-environmental projects in May

Applications can be made from the 1st to the 31st of May and the selected projects will be carried out in southern Bahia.

On the 1st of May, the Fundo Ambiental Sul Baiano (FASB) will open registrations for its 6th call for projects. The Fund contemplates initiatives that can be presented by regional institutions from 23 municipalities in the extreme south of Bahia. Proposals must focus on environmental restoration and the use sustainable use of the soil, as well as promoting the generation of employment and income for rural and traditional families baianas.

Two types of projects may be submitted for evaluation: stage 01, are small proposals scale and duration of up to one year, whose resource contribution is up to 20 thousand euros. and projects of stage 2, which must act on a large scale, generating significant impacts for the region, and may be made up of several rural properties, generating environmental and social benefits in the landscape, in addition to create and/or strengthen productive chains.

The FASB has been operating in the region for more than two years, having approved a total of 33 projects up to moment, which add up to almost two million euros invested in environmental restoration initiatives, implementation of Agroforestry Systems (SAF), regenerative pasture projects, among other initiatives of sustainable agriculture and forestry.

The FASB Project Origination Coordinator, Raony Palicer, adds that “once approved, the project will also have the support of the FASB to follow up in the field and monitoring of projects during their execution and publicizing the accomplishments and achievements of these partnerships. The indicators are carefully prepared and monitored, highlighting the management and consequently the effective result of the projects”.

To find out about the criteria, the complete list of municipalities that will be covered, those interested must access the Project Elaboration Guide through the website https://fasb.inovaland.earth/ where is also the link to the submission form. O The Fund also has a team available to guide bidders in the registration phase, whose support can be requested via email originacao.fasb@gmail.com.

About FASB 

FASB is a movement based on the mobilization of local communities that aims to build resilient ecosystems with people as a central element, promoting local actions focused on sustainable development such as agroforestry, wood and food production, as well as the protection and restoration of degraded areas, connecting Atlantic Forest fragments.  

The Fund is a partnership between the Bahia Forestry Forum, the technical supporter New Generation Plantation Technical Assistance (NGPTA) and Danish investor KIRKBI. It has a specialized team in socio-environmental projects that operate in 23 municipalities in the south of Bahia, in the region where they are located the projects.