South Bahia People Nature Fund (FASB) announces selected projects for 2023

From the project call made in November 2022, ten socio-environmental projects were selected covering 245 hectares of restoration and 65 of sustainable soil use; with a total investment of 740 thousand Euros

In this fifth project call, FASB selected ten socio-environmental projects presented by regional institutions. These projects will promote the native forest restoration of 245 hectares and will also have 65 hectares destined for sustainable agriculture; the value of the contribution is a resource of 740 thousand Euros. The deadline for the execution of the actions presented by the proponents is between six months and two years carried out in seven municipalities: Alcobaça, Eunápolis, Itamaraju, Guaratinga, Prado, Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália.

For Márcio Braga, FASB coordinator, “FASB makes the participation of several regional institutions accessible due to its simple, yet objective, project submission process for fundraising, improving the quality of life of some communities and promoting a positive impact in the region as a whole”. Of the ten selected projects, six of them are with Family Farming Associations, three with Indigenous Associations and one with a Research Support Foundation.

Representing the Pataxó indigenous community, Aruã Pataxó, President of the FINPAT Indigenous Federation, talks about the importance of this result: “The three projects approved by the FASB, one in the Aldeia Pataxó Agricultura, the other in the Aldeia Pataxó Kaí and the last at the Aldeia Pataxó Boca da Mata, represents an indigenous protagonism in the project elaboration and financial management, breaking a paradigm and exalting indigenous technical capacity. This change will directly improve the life quality of indigenous families benefiting from the projects. And, with the direct management, we can make better use of financial support received, with no intermediary or external institutional interlocutor”.

Leading the Community Association of Rural Producers of Baixa Verde (ASCOMBAVE), Roze Lemos comments on yet another achievement of the community with the FASB: “It represents a great step to strengthen our community. It is proof of credibility and confidence in working with agroecology, respecting our natural environments and strengthening collective action of family farming. This project will contribute to rescue our culture and knowledge, transforming family agriculture into agroecology, taking care of the land, water, forests and the well-being of the families that live in this community. We will produce and sell healthy food with less environmental impact.”

FASB has a team responsible for guiding project proponents in the project submission windows, do the follow-up and monitoring of projects during their execution, and publicize the accomplishments and achievements of the project developers. The indicators are carefully elaborated and monitored, highlighting the effective result of the projects.
Bellow we have the list of projects and institutions beneficiated from this call:

Restoring LivesAssociation of Pataxó Indigenous Farmers of Coroa Vermelha-AGIP-COVER.1
ECOAR_Conservational Strategy for Areas to be Restored.COOPLANJÉ- Afforestation and Reforestation work cooperative in Aldeia Pataxó Boca da Mata.1
COM-FLORAAssociation of Small Rural Producers of Guaita - APRG1
Evaluation of projects carried out within the scope of the FASB and its management goals for a sustainable territoryFAPEX Research and Extension Support Foundation1
Pau Brasil: restoring the richness of the forest.Association of Rural Producers of the Pau Brasil Settlement Project1
Cílios dos Rios, Cílios das Mães: Set of Initiatives for the Preservation of the Atlantic Forest Biome, linked to Social and Youth Development in the Baixa Verde Settlement.Community Association of Rural Producers of Baixa Verde - ASCOMBAVE2
Reconciling Recovery of Permanent Preservation Areas with Sustainable Cocoa Production in Agrarian Reform Settlements in the Atlantic Forest BiomeEgídio Brunetto Popular School of Agroecology and Agroforestry (EPAAEB)2
Smells, flavors and knowledge of the Atlantic Forest: Implementation of SAFs in Quilombola Communities in the extreme south of Bahia.Association of Rural Producers of the Ribeirão Community2

The next window for project registration will take place in May 2023. To submit a proposal, interested parties must access the website and download the project application guide, where the link can be found in the submission form. Doubts should be clarified through the email

About FASB

FASB is a movement based on the mobilization of local communities that aims to build resilient ecosystems with people as a central element, promoting local actions focused on sustainable development such as agroforestry, wood and food production, as well as the protection and restoration of degraded areas, connecting Atlantic Forest fragments.

The Fund is a partnership between Fórum Florestal da Bahia, with the technical support of NGPTA and the investment done by the Danish institution KIRKBI. It has a team specialized in socio-environmental projects that operates in 23 municipalities in the southern Bahia, region where the projects are located.